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Aligning business processes, projects, and people with enterprise strategy

Features and Benefits



  • High level visibility for executives     
  • Proactive executive support for strategic activities, reducing the risk of failure
  • Bottom-up input from technical leaders
  • More innovation and informed decision-making throughout entire enterprise supply chain
  • Personalized dashboards with concise, relevant information to only those who need it
  • More efficient use of key peoples' time, boosting the bottom line
  • Software-as-a-service, not "on-premise" application
  • Fast, easy, scalable system implementation
  • Internet-based application
  • Real-time reporting, independent of team members' locations or organizational structures
  • Commitment-based, results management approach
  • Focuses on achieving results, not "following plans"; frees up managers to proactively solve real issues.
  • Supports distributed, self-managing teams
  • Faster, less costly management efforts; fewer failures and deadlines missed
  • Does not require "one size fits all" management software
  • Task leaders free to use tried and true methods to manage their budgets, schedules and resources

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