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The Methodology as Applied to Individuals

One of the keys to the success of the Network Centric Management approach for individuals is in providing the means of bridging the communication gaps between those tasked with interrelated objectives. These could be volunteers planning a large event, a small engineering or marketing group whose members spend most of their time out of the office, or a groupof consultants working on a client's latest, greatest project.

Network Centric Management is a communication and commitment approach developed by EPMOD to help individuals enable a culture of self-forming teams. For over 20 years, this approach has proven effective in leading and motivating teams commited to achieving their objectives - sometimes despite a lack of resources - and successfully executing undertakings of all types and complexities. The Internet-based structured communication network permits individuals to easily implement this approach throughout regardless of a team member's location.

The Problem Being Solved:

It seems that any time a dispersed group of individuals is working toward a common goal, there is a lack of timely and effective communiaction. In addition, each of the individuals is often working on multiple other undertakings for a wide variety of other individuals.

The Solution:

SynapMod provides a new approach to developing effective, cohesive teams and an Internet-based structured communication network to enable easy communication among all team members with interrelated tasks.

Both the EPMOD approach and the structured communication network are based on the simple concept of obtaining personal commitments among the individuals jointly responsible to achieve specific results at varying levels of management. These individuals, the results expected of them, and person-to-person Internet connections among those with interdependent responsibilities for results, define a structured business network through which the work is managed. This structured business network becomes the "communication backbone" that is built into the software.

Network Centric Management is forward-looking, with individual performers responsible for understanding, managing and meeting their own commitments, and remaking commitments as soon as one is in danger of being missed. This supports swift corrective action being taken by those directly affected. It enables holders of varying levels of responsibility to be aware of the current status of their commitments, and to be aware of potential issues or delays at the earliest point in time.

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