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Instant Alerts of Changes or Delays to the Right People

In today’s world of globalized business portfolios, stakeholders are often separated by time, geography, and corporate structures. EPMOD’s Internet-based structured communication network, SynapMod, provides the means by which virtual teams can communicate changes in strategic and tactical plans that could affect an enterprise's goals - in real time, from anywhere in the world, at any timew of the day or night. Like the electrical pulses of the brain, SynapMod's dashboard provides signals from an enterprise's "nervous system" for immediate action when danger is imminent.

SynapMod works as a quick and easy, stand-alone business communication and management tool - ideal for organizations of all types - and canj be implemented in an evolutionary manner, paving the way for revolutionary results.

SynapMod utilizes an Internet-based structured communication network that connects all stakeholders of an enterprise's workflow activities - from the executive management team to individual team task leaders. Its personalized, color-coded dashboards provide each decision-maker with both high level visibility and relevant, bottom-up input from team members throughout the life cycle of any and all activities, alerting team members as well as appropriate executives, when proactive action is required to reduce risks and ensure the entire enterprise remains in sync with its onerall business objectives.

With SynapMod "software-as-a-service" computer application, you can:

  • Record your own personal and professional commitments
  • Request commitments from others for work you need them to do
  • Reply to and report on requests for commitments sent to you by others
  • Receive reports on commitments from others doing work requested by you
  • Receive reports on predecessor commitments of others in which you have an interest
  • Assure that any objectives being worked on are in line with the overall coporate objective
  • Monitor progress on all objectives in your organizational area of responsibility
  • Evaluate the workload of the people who report to you, either directly or indirectly

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